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About Us

NYI Building Products started as a nail importer nearly 50 years ago, selling all types of nails to Lumberyards, Roofing Suppliers, and Window Installers.

NYI developed a reputation for quality, and service. As our reputation grew, so did the requests from our customers to carry additional items. NYI became the very first wholesale distributor of OSI sealants. Today, NYI remains one of the largest independent OSI wholesale distributors.

Continued requests from our customers added addtional products for NYI to distribute. Throughout the years NYI added GE silicones, Titebond, Novagard, Apoc, Chemlink, Titanium, as well as our own brand of Silicone and Gutterseal products that we inventory, distribute, and service.

In 2011, NYI Building Products was purchased by the Torani family. NYI today continues the 50 year old tradition of quality and service to the Roofing, Window and Siding, Lumberyard and Hardware industries. The service platform that NYI uses today enhances your opportunity to optimize the way you purchase by offering you a comprehensive program to centralize the caulk, sealant and adhesive part of your business.

The Torani family has a multi generation history of servicing the building trades industry through wholesale distribution.

NYI customer service goes the extra mile to make sure your orders are processed quickly, and accurately, as well as tending to any special needs that a specific customer may have.

Expertise in logistics insures that our inventory always reflects a comprehensive assortment of the items that your customers need and must have.

The NYI warehouse staff knows the value of turning your order into a delivery as quickly as possible.

The NYI Sales Team is always available to educate, inform and sample any requests that your staff or customers may have.

We Service What we Sell. Expertise in the product lines that we distribute makes NYI a recognized leader in the Caulk, Sealant, and Adhesive industry.

Whether you need information regarding a product for a specific application, a quality issue, regulatory information, or training for your staff, NYI is there for you.

Where we service


NYI services all continental United States. Freight prepaid shipments can be designed to meet you specific needs.

If you have preferred carriers, NYI can accommodate your specific requirements.

Metropolitan New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania locations are serviced on NYI owned and operated trucks.

Fed EX, UPS, and Air shipments are subject to additional frieght charges. Special packingmay be subject to additional charges.